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If the tenant doesn’t pay we will

Our tenants all over the Middle Tennessee Area stay with us and pay on time! We are professional property managers with over 30 years of property management experience and we guarantee success.

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About Us

FaciliTech, simply the best

As income property owners ourselves, we thoroughly understand the needs of investors. Cash flow is critical to the success of our investors, we deliver not some of the time but all of the time.

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Proven Tenant Screening Process

Our tenants are thoroughly screened and highly qualified


One of the keys to our success and why our tenants love us is we get things fixed timely and economically for the property owner

Why Choose Us

Cash Flow Guarantee

That’s right! We guarantee the cash flow for all of our properties. We can make this guarantee because we are the best at what we do.

Market Analysis

Our market analysis ensures that we are correctly positioned in the market to attract only the very best tenants. This is a free service when you partner with FaciliTech.

Decreased tenant turnover

Our tenants are second to none. We deliver on every promise we make to ensure tenant and property owner satisfaction.

Expert Advice

Even if you are not one of our clients, we can offer advice on worry free property management. We are happy to share our simple but effective processes to make you successful.

Sometimes it makes more sense to rent a property than to sell. Particularly if you entrust your property to professional property managers like FaciliTech. We ensure your property is always maintained to the highest standards to maintain property values

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What we do

We are a professional property management company that serves the middle Tennessee area.

  • Tenant screening
  • Collection of rents
  • Property maintenance and repair, no more 2:00am calls
  • Property Inspections on a frequent basis
  • Eliminate headaches and stress for property owners

We do the simple things that make the big difference

Over our 30 years of property management experience we have found that the following steps are absolutes for a successful program.

  • Check with the current landlord, if they aren’t paying them they won’t pay you.
  • Go by their existing residence, if they don’t keep up that house they won’t keep up yours.
  • Offer a discount for payment of rent on time not a penalty for late payment.
  • Use EFT’s through tenants bank accounts
  • Allow small pets, people love their animals and it opens up your target market


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